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About Paula Webster

Paula Webster graduated in 1998 in the field of physical therapy from the University of Hartford. She also holds a certification in strength and Conditioning. Since graduation her clinical experience includes general orthopedics, sports medicine, adolescent strength training and adolescent spinal dysfunction. She is the founder of the Six Degrees of Freedom program for children with adolescent spinal deformities.

Compensation After An Injury R.I.C.E.


RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) Hi, I am a physical therapist and I have seen many individuals after an injury. Yes, there is swelling pain and movement compensation. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) may be the first line of treatment to reduce pain after ruling out a more serious injury [...]

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Our Canton Center Location Has Moved To 141 Dowd Ave, Canton CT


Canton Physical Therapy Has Moved To: 141 Dowd Avenue, Canton, CT, 06019 Greetings from Canton Physical Therapy We are pleased to announce that we are moving our physical therapy office to a newly renovated space located at 141 Dowd Avenue in Canton. We are accepting new patients and welcoming our current patients [...]

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Be A Smart Shopper When It Comes To Your Health!


Insurance and Direct Access Insurance premiums and deductible are increasing but, yet life goes on and injuries occur. How can you minimize what you spend on your health? Physical therapy is one of those services that require multiple visits per week to insure a good outcome. Copays have increased to anywhere from $30 [...]

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Free Sports Injury Presentation


Learn About Sports Injury Prevention Here Are Our Sports Medicine Programs Cura Centers Canton Center: 1.860.693.6226 Winsted Center: 1.860.738.5810 Torrington Center: 1.860.482.4888 Windsor Center: 1.860.683.0080 Come and see one of our experts for an evaluation and let us identify the areas that are at risk for injury. [...]

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Cura Centers Physical Therapy & Wellness


Welcome to Cura Centers New name but the same service and philosophy. Our offices are now consolidated under a brand that describes how we treat. Cura means “care” and we are committed to offering you the best. Let us know how you like our new look! Our Physical Therapy Centers In CT [...]

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Why Would You Choose Aquatic Therapy For An Injury?


Why Choose Aquatic Therapy? The properties of water have long been known to promote healing, reduce swelling and increase range of motion in an injured area. Buoyancy reduces weight-bearing joint stress. It helps to decompress a joint. Back pain is reduced in the water because buoyancy acts as a mild traction to [...]

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What Is The Postural Restoration Institute (PRI)?


What Is PRI? PRI is a system of treating muscle imbalances concepts are predicated on the fact that the human body is not symmetrical. Breathing is not symmetrical along with the placement of our organs. These imbalances can create a pattern of muscular tightness and weakness that will eventually cause injury. The [...]

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