Be A Smart Shopper When It Comes To Your Health – Update!

Insurance and Direct Access

Insurance premiums and deductibles are increasing but, yet life goes on and injuries occur. How can you minimize what you spend on your health?

Physical therapy is one of those services that require multiple visits per week to ensure a good outcome. Copays have increased to anywhere from $30 to $70 for each visit. This can significantly change how many visits you can afford. Research states that the cost of healthcare is decreased when physical therapy is included in the plan of care.

The State of Connecticut allows physical therapists to evaluate individuals under Direct Access so that treatment is not delayed. What does that mean? You can see someone for physical therapy without seeing your physician first if your insurance policy allows, however, your physician is still part of the team, so communication is important to your success. Physical therapists have extensive education in evaluation and treatment to increase function with all activities.

Not only can you see a physical therapist under Connecticut state law, but you have the right to go to any facility that is convenient for you.

So, what do you want to look for in a clinic to ensure a good outcome, convenience at a lower cost overall?


Call and ask:

  • How often are patients scheduled and what is a normal treatment time?
  • How long do I spend with my therapist?
  • Do I see the same therapist every visit?
  • Does the clinic have a policy for overlapping visits with another patient?
  • What types of skills do the therapists have?
  • Do they perform the hands-on treatment?
  • Will I be with any other professional besides my therapist?
  • What is the experience level of the therapists?
  • What types of specialties or programs are available?
  • Does direct access apply to my insurance?

Good outcomes are based on focused treatment, education, and training. All of that takes time. If you have had an injury for a while, your body has compensated. Your therapist is the expert that can identify and re-educate your body to perform a simple task like moving from sit to stand without back or knee pain. Your therapist can analyze why you have back pain when you walk or why your feet hurt.

It is important for your health to know the service that you are committing to.

At Canton Physical Therapy we offer:

  • 40-minute treatments
  • One on one visits with the same licensed physical therapist
  • Experienced therapists
  • Hands-on therapy
  • No overlapping of services
  • Specialists in several areas as outlined at
  • Programs for Sports Medicine, Dance medicine, Scoliosis
  • Good communication with your doctor

Come in and interview us to see for yourself! Get the best value for your co-pay and deductible. You won’t be disappointed!!

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