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“Medicine Adds Days to Life…. Physical Therapy Adds Life to Days!”

Welcome to Canton Physical Therapy. Our offices are now consolidated under a brand that describes how we treat. Canton Physical Therapy is committed to offering you the best. Let us know how you like our new look!

Canton Physical Therapy Center Canton CT 06019

Canton Physical Therapy

141 Dowd Avenue
Canton, CT 06019
Tel: (860) 693-6226

Winsted Physical Therapy Center Winsted CT 06098

Winsted Physical Therapy

115 Spencer Street
Winsted, CT 06098
Tel: (860) 738-5810

Main Street Physical Therapy Center Torrington CT 06790

Main Street Physical Therapy

 36 Main Street
Torrington, CT 06790
Tel: (860) 482-4888

Physical Therapy Programs

I.C.A.N. Sports Injury Prevention Program in CT

I.C.A.N. Sports & Fitness

Learn strategies to keep your fitness at peak level. Be at your best and avoid injury to advance sports performance.

D.A.N.S.E Approach to Enhance Performance in CT

D.A.N.S.E Approach

A program that has your professional career in mind so that you can dance longer and stronger.

 Injury Prevention Program in CT

Injury Prevention

My performance varies but doesn’t everyone’s? Who wants to think about injuries when you are enjoying sporst?

Senior Balance and Fall Prevention in CT

Senior Fall Prevention

Stay balanced with individualized strengthening for your specific orthopedic history.


We Treat

Is pain running your life and limiting your activities? Let one of our experienced physical therapists evaluate and design a specific program for you that will meet your lifestyle goals. Team up with an expert that understands movement and is committed to improving your function, so you can return to the activities you love.

Auto Accidents

Trauma and whiplash can decrease your activity level dramatically. We provide pain reduction techniques that address your injury and restore function.

Auto Accidents

We offer gentle soft tissue and joint mobilization to balance your alignment and reduce inflammation due to trauma.

Work Accidents

Let us help you with your injury. We provide individualized treatment to reduce pain, improve function, balance muscle strength and prepare you for returning to work.

Work Accidents

We offer manual techniques and movement analysis to decrease your pain and inflammation and restore normal movement.

Neck Injuries and Joint Pain

Head position is related to many causes of neck pain and can be identified and treated.

Neck Injuries and Pain

We offer the latest techniques for disc herniation, facet and myofascial pain, postural correction.

Shoulder, Arm Injuries and Pain

Shoulder pain can be debilitating and prevent you from activities such as, driving or reaching overhead.

Shoulder, Arm Injuries and Pain

We offer evaluation and treatment for shoulder impingement, rotator cuff injury and strain, thoracic outlet syndrome, tennis and golfer’s elbow and wrist injuries.

Lower Back Injuries and Pain

80% of people have back pain in their lifetime. It can result in the loss of work and recreational time if not treated quickly and effectively.

Lower Back Injuries and Pain

Treatment for post-surgical pain, disc disease, SI joint pain, facet dysfunction, muscle spasm, sciatic and mal-alignment from poor posture.

Hip Injuries and Joint Pain

Hip injuries and pain can occur at any age and can also show up as back and knee pain. A comprehensive evaluation is the first step to a solution.

Hip Injuries and Pain

Treatments available for post-surgical conditions, bursitis, labral injuries, tendinitis, osteoarthritis and traumatic joint pain.

Knee Injuries and Joint Pain

Knee pain can occur for many reasons. It is often related to hip and foot mal-alignment causing unbalanced muscle recruitment.

Knee Injuries and Pain

We treat bursitis, ligamentous sprains, muscle imbalances, patellofemoral syndrome, IT band syndrome.

Foot and Ankle Injuries and Pain

Foot mechanics are a crucial base for all lower leg injuries. Proper alignment of the foot can help ankle, knee, hip and back pain.

Foot and Ankle Injuries and Pain

We offer orthotic assessment, foot mechanic evaluations, treatment for post-surgical conditions, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, Achilles pain, fractures and bunions.

Why Clients Choose Us

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Scheduling staff is very friendly, and they go above and beyond to make appointments for patient’s schedules Bob is the absolute best! Very devoted. He’s the only one I saw but knows Andria personally and she is great also. Would highly recommend to all.”

Linda P. RN, Testimonial for Bob in Winsted

“Thank you for helping me get my tennis swing back!”


“Thank you so much to everyone at CPT! I should have visited you all years ago. My lower back had been hurting for quite sometime and with your professional therapy and at home suggestions I feel amazing!! My faith has been restored ! Dare I say I look and feel younger too…LOL !!!!”


“I strongly feel that they provide just what a patient needs to ensure a safe, full recovery! We are blessed to have them in our community!”


“Friendly, welcoming staff who take the time to get to know their patients so they can meet their patient’s individual needs. Canton PT is a clean comfortable setting and offers a variety of services . I have had only positive experiences here for myself and for other family members!”


Paula and Jen are amazing., I think they are innovators in their field. Detail and thorough leaving no rock unturned, they aren’t afraid to think out of the box in order to figure out what’s going on in the body. I like that about them, they got me up and walking without pain in one session. I’m their biggest fan!


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