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Scoliosis Treatment Litchfield County CT

Scoliosis Treatment

Functionally based program that is curve specific with focus on identification of areas of the body that can control curve progression.

Postural Restoration Techniques Litchfield County CT PRI


Postural Restoration Techniques is a progressive strengthening program that addresses neuromuscular connection through breath and muscle imbalances.

Sports Medicine Litchfield County CT

Sports Medicine

Learn the importance of muscle balance and alignment. Program focuses on sports specific patterns of movement dysfunction and corrective treatment.

Pre-Surgical Strengthening Litchfield County CT

Pre-Surgical Strengthening

Be the best you can be before your surgery. Research shows that recovery is enhanced, and rehabilitation is shorter with pre-surgical strengthening exercises.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Litchfield County CT

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Our experienced physical therapists use current research and specific protocols for the most effective post-surgical treatment to help you reach your goals.

Orthotics Litchfield County CT


Foot mechanics effect general alignment. We offer the Quadrastep custom off the shelf orthotic system which provide excellent foot stabilization to reduce pain.

Kinesiotaping Litchfield County CT


Taping is used for many reasons. It can provide joint stability, muscle facilitation, muscle inhibition or biofeedback to aid in recovery from injury.

Manual Therapy Litchfield County CT

Manual Therapy

Physical therapists use several techniques of hands on treatment to aid healing, progress range of motion and improve movement to effectively reach your goals.

Orthopedic Physicals in Litchfield County CT

Orthopedic Physicals

Examination that identifies areas of concern for injury prevention, for overuse prevention and general body alignment that will inhibit your everyday activities.

Pediatric Care Litchfield County CT

Pediatric Care

Our therapists understand the developmental stages of the child and adolescent athlete and how they impact rehabilitation post injury to maximize their recovery.

Geriatric Care Litchfield County CT

Geriatric Care

Age related changes can impact how treatment progresses and our therapists are committed to making your goals their goals for a long and healthy life.

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