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Wellness Programs

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Massage Therapy

Specializing in soft tissue injury, pain, musculoskeletal dysfunction….as well as therapeutic massage for wellness.

Functional Massage Therapy using the most effective techniques to:

  • Release restrictive tissue
  • Decompress joints
  • Break the pain cycle
  • Enhance post trauma recovery
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Realign the body
  • Improve soft tissue health
  • Enhance muscle coordination

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Massage Therapy Canton CT

Sports Medicine

Contact our specialists to start your journey to better performance today!

Sports Medicine Evaluation and Programs Canton CT

Injury Prevention Programs

Injury prevention? Who wants to think about injuries when you are enjoying your sport? As an athlete or avid exercise buff injury can stop you from doing what you love. If a simple flexibility or alignment self-check can prevent this from happening, why risk it? As physical therapists we see how an injury can impact not only the sport you are enjoying now but impact movement in the future. Can we predict all injuries? No, but we can identify areas that might be at risk. Our evaluation defines all the areas that commonly get injured in your sport or activity. If you are having pain, let us check you out! The painful area is usually the victim of poor muscle balance, joint alignment, foot mechanics or from insufficient recruitment from previous injuries.

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Injury Prevention Programs Canton CT

D.A.N.S.E Approach to Enhance Performance

Dance is the physical manifestation of a rhythm or musical score. It presents as graceful movement that evokes emotion and enjoyment in all who participate. From the scientific point of view, it is a crescendo of synergies and kinesiology in an aligned pattern for a strong performance.

How do we accomplish both? Having the aesthetically pleasing look is key but accomplishing these difficult movements in good form prevent injuries so that all can enjoy dance for a long time.

Here at the D.A.N.S.E. Approach we have compiled science in a program that addresses dynamic alignment using the innate sequences of muscle firing to create a balance for maximum performance ability. We take the corrections that you hear in class and identify what is causing the need for correction. The area that is being corrected is generally not the cause but the effect.

Knowing your body is important because it helps you to make proper decisions in your dance career. What may be good for one person may not be good for you.

At the D.A.N.S.E. Approach we strive to educate the dancer from a “whole body” perspective as it pertains to dance movement. We have workshops on the foot, hip, pelvis and shoulder complex that identify problem areas. Addressing weaknesses and alignment issues can prevent injuries.

Contact us if you have any questions so you can continue to enjoy dancing and maximize your potential!

D.A.N.S.E Approach Canton CT

Senior Balance and Fall Prevention

Are you having difficulty walking on uneven surfaces? Feeling like you are out of balance? Are you limiting your activities outside? Balance is a combination of strength, body alignment, range of motion, visual changes, injury or orthopedic history. If you have had a recent surgery or injury, why not let us check out how it has impacted your balance so that you can enjoy all the activities you love.

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Senior Balance and Fall Prevention CT

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