Senior Balance and Fall Prevention

Senior Fall Prevention Program

Senior Fall Prevention Program

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What Senior Fall Prevention Offers:

A fall can be a devastating event with long-term consequences. In some circumstances, it can be prevented. If you answer, yes, to some of the following questions, you might be at risk for falling.

  • Are you having difficulty walking on uneven surfaces?

  • Are you feeling like you are out of balance when you walk?

  • Are you limiting your activities outside?

  • Do you feel like you are no longer flexible?

  • Are you having trouble negotiating stairs?

  • Is it hard for you to catch yourself when you trip over something?

  • Have your vision changes prevented you from doing activities?

The Benefits Include:

Learn strategies to keep your fitness at peak level. Be at your best and avoid injury to advance performance.

Senior Fall Prevention to Enhance Performance

Consistent performance is the main goal for any dancer.

Balance is a combination of strength, body alignment, range of motion, flexibility, visual changes, and injury or orthopedic history. All these factors can be evaluated and treated to keep you safe during normal activities.

If you have had a recent surgery or injury, why not let us check out how it may impact your balance so that you can avoid further injury and continue to enjoy all the activities you love.

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Meet The Senior Fall Prevention Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Paula Webster
Paula WebsterPT, CSCS
I am a registered physical therapist specializing in adolescents, young adult, and adult athletes since 2004. Physical Therapy Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

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