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I.C.A.N. Sports & Fitness Program

Integrating Correction with Alignment in Neutral

The I.C.A.N. Sports & Fitness Program is designed to specifically work with athletes to reduce restrictions and muscle inhibitions in movement. Who hasn’t had muscle tightness that doesn’t go away with stretching? Why is one leg stronger than the other? The longer you play a sport, the stronger the patterns of restriction become until they dominate your ability to move. Injury or pain often occurs. Your body is most efficient if everything is in balance, therefore, performance is improved. This system “reboots” your brain’s perception to its original default neutral so your movement is not defined by the sport. We identify problem areas for the athlete and give them solutions, so you can increase your sports efficiency.

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I.C.A.N. Sports & Fitness Program Offers

Phases of the Program

  1. Evaluation/Correction of Alignment
    Our therapists will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine areas at risk for injury, define patterns of movement impairment, address the needs of the client and tailor a program to reach his or her goals.
  2. Flexibility
    Testing will dictate the areas to be stretched using both static and dynamic techniques. Soft tissue and joint mobilization will jump-start the process and maintain good alignment.
  3. Strengthening/Balance
    Focus of this phase will be to improve balanced strength and flexibility in multiple muscle groups. Final aspect would be to teach an athlete how to sequence properly without compensation through dynamic movements specific to the sport.
  4. Plyometrics/Sport Specific Training
    This phase will focus on training your body to meet the demands of your sport/activity. If your sport demands fast and explosive movements then you must train your nervous system to activate the muscle to respond in that manner. Our extensive knowledge in sports and experience with athletes will allow us to assist in sports specific movements to perform them more efficiently and with proper posture to reduce the risk of injury. The length of this phase may vary depending on the sport or activity.

I.C.A.N. Sports & Fitness Program Benefits

Learn strategies to keep your fitness at peak level. Be at your best and avoid injury to advance sports performance.

  • Stop settling for chronic injuries and pain.
  • Tired of stretching muscles with no lasting results?
  • Are you ready to make a long-term investment in your body?
  • Find out what it feels like to have balance posture, flexibility, strength, and power.
  • Want to reach “Peak Performance” and feel like you are “in the zone?”
  • Better muscle recruitment (larger % of muscle contraction).
  • Decreased joint restriction.
  • Decreased muscle and fascia restriction.
  • Creates better body awareness which allows the athlete to move freely.
  • Peak performance being “in the zone” because they are not fighting their own body to perform their sport.

We Pride Ourselves On Our Commitment To Our Patients

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention? Who wants to think about injuries when you are enjoying your sport? As an athlete or avid exercise buff injury can stop you from doing what you love. If a simple flexibility or alignment self-check can prevent this from happening, why risk it? As physical therapists, we see how an injury can impact not only the sport you are enjoying now but impact movement in the future. Can we predict all injuries? No, but we can identify areas that might be at risk. Our evaluation defines all the areas that commonly get injured in your sport or activity. If you are having pain, let us check you out! The painful area is usually the victim of poor muscle balance, joint alignment, foot mechanics or from insufficient recruitment from previous injuries.


Strengthening Programs: Adolescent to Seniors
Whether you would like to continue after rehabilitation or have one of our experts in orthopedics guide your exercise program, we offer strengthening programs for all ages. Our approach is to use a functional progressive program with your best outcomes in mind. Knowing your orthopedic history will help us identify potential compensatory patterns of movement. This will guide the selection of appropriate exercise that will help you achieve your goals.


Pre-Season Assessment and Training
Starting a new sport? Or wanting better performance this season? Come in and have one of our professionals review your pre-season strengthening to determine the most comprehensive program for you. Based on our evaluation we can suggest exercises that will balance the ones you have or modify your program to achieve better results.

Video About ACL Tears – Why Exercise is Important

Non-contact anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are injuries that are associated with twisting or pivoting on a leg when the foot is planted on a surface. They occur without external force on the body. An ACL tear is a serious injury that can often end the season for an athlete. The literature supports that many athletes are at increased risk, especially in youth sports, due to lower extremity and core weakness along with decreased balance from poor dynamic mechanics and posture. Any athlete can reduce the odds of an ACL tear with a good program that will improve static and dynamic stability, and ultimately reduce the risk of other injuries as well.

Meet The I.C.A.N. Sports & Fitness Team

Paula Webster
Paula WebsterPT, CSCS
I am a registered physical therapist specializing in adolescents, young adult, and adult athletes since 2004. Physical Therapy Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.
Ian Brokaw
Ian BrokawDPT
I am a registered Physical therapist. I received my bachelors in athletic training from Barry University in Miami Florida. I have worked with athletes at the high school, college, and professional level.

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Cura I.C.A.N. Sports & Fitness Program

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