We Pride Ourselves On Our Commitment To Our Patients

Who We Are

In 2004 Paula Webster PT, CSCS established Canton Physical Therapy in Canton, CT. Her model of care focused on extended treatment times, one on one patient centered care with each therapist. She now has physical therapy services in 4 other locations and an aquatic program at a 5th location. Her staff shares her passion for quality patient care and strive for the best possible experience and outcomes for patients. Cura Centers established in 2017 consolidates the centers under one brand.

Our Mission

In a time when people are more informed about health and wellness, we strive to support and enhance your life by offering programs and services that provide education, prevention and individualized care and treatment. Remember “Medicine Adds Days to Life… Physical Therapy Adds Life to Days!

Our Commitment To You

  • To make you feel better
  • Offer solutions to improve your condition and life
  • Educate you on your condition so that you can make informed decisions about activities
  • Give you a comprehensive healthcare experience