Feel that you have more injuries than normal?


No one is truly “injury-prone”. It takes an understanding of how the body works together to perform a movement. Often areas that have repeated injuries are the victim, not the cause. A careful examination needs to be done to identify the source of the injury.

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Feel like you are fighting your body to dance?


Inconsistent performance may be a result of imbalances in strength, flexibility, and dynamic alignment. Because of those imbalances, it takes more effort to have the precision that you need for optimal movement.

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Does your performance fluctuate?


Do you have days where you are “in sync” and are pleased with your performance and other days you are frustrated with your inability to perform? All these factors are a function of balance. Self-evaluation tools can help you analyze the difference so consistent performance can be achieved.

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Consistent soreness that is not resolved with stretching?


The body perceives “tightness” even if the muscle is overstretched. Unless you can evaluate your body alignment, you can’t tell if a muscle is “long” or “short”. Stretching a “long” muscle can only lead to more pain and possible injury.

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Are group sessions offered?


Currently, we are only offering 1-on-1 sessions so we can provide a high-quality level of service and personal attention to ensure that low and high impact exercises are performed with proper mechanics.

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Who is appropriate for the program?


The program was designed for athletes or active adults who would like to make an investment in their body. Some goals may be to improve performance, loss weight, recover from injury, reduce the chances of injury, feel stronger, and improve energy. There is no age limit on the program. Goals may vary but the investment [...]

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